407 Glen Mary Drive
Owego, NY 13827



2 Cycle Oil
Air Concrete Nailer 1& 1/2″ Concrete T-Nails
Air Concrete Nailer: 2& 1/4″ Concrete T-Nails
Air Finish Nailer: 1 1/2 ” Nails
Air Finish Nailer: 2 1/2″ Nails
Air Finish Nailer: 2″ Nails
Air Floor  & Roofing Stripper 8″ SCRAPER BLADES
Air Floor  & Roofing Stripper 8″ SHINGLE BLADES
Air Hardwood Floor Laminate Staples
Air Hardwood Floor Nailer: 1 1/2″ Floor Staples
Air Hardwood Floor Nailer: 2″ Floor Staples
Air Roof Coil Nailer: 1 1/4″ Nails
Air Roof Stapler: 1 1/4″ Roof Staples
Air Sub Floor Nailer: 1 3/16″ Floor Staple
Air Sub Floor Nailer: 7/8″ Floor Staples
Airless Paint Sprayer Roller Cover
Astro  Shield Auto Polish
Belt Sander 3×21 36 Grit
Belt Sander 3×21 80 Grit
Belt Sanders 3×21 100 Grit
Belt Sanders 3×21 40 Grit
Belt Sanders 3×21 60 Grit
Brite Side
Carpet Seaming Tape
Clean Green – 1 Gallon
Concrete & Pavement Saw: Abrasive Blades ASPHALT 14″
Concrete & Pavement Saw: Abrasive Blades CONCRETE 14″
Concrete Grinder  Stone
Concrete Grinder Scarifier
Concrete Grinder Strip-sert
Concrete Grinder Wire Brushes
Concrete Power Nailer:  Nails  1″
Concrete Power Nailer: Nails 1 1/2″
Concrete Power Nailer: Nails 2″
Concrete Power Nailer:Nails 2 1/2″
Concrete Power Nailer:Nails 3″
Concrete Power Nailer:Number 1 Loads
Concrete Power Nailer:Number 2 Loads
Concrete Power Nailer:Number 3 Loads
Concrete Power Nailer:Number 4 Loads
Concrete Stamping   Integral Color
Concrete Stamping   Patina Stain
Concrete Stamping  Overlay Kit
Concrete Stamping  Overlay Kit Colorant
Concrete Stamping  Release Agent
Concrete Stamping [Liquid] Release Age
Concrete Stamping Anti-Slip
Concrete Stamping Sealer
Demo Saw- Abrasive Blades ASPHALT/CONCRETE/METAL 12″
Demo Saw- Abrasive Blades ASPHALT/CONCRETE/METAL 14″
Diamond Back Blades 12″x.125×1 DRY ASPHALT; GREEN CON.& BLOCK
Diamond Back Blades 12″x.125×1 DRY CONCRETE & BRICK
Diamond Back Blades 12″x.125×1 DRY GRANITE & PAVERS
Diamond Back Blades 14″x.125×1 DRY ASPHALT;GREEN CON. & BL0CK
Diamond Back Blades 14″x.125×1 DRY CONCRETE & BRICK
Diamond Back Blades 14″x.125×1 DRY GENERAL ECONOMY
Diamond Back Blades 14″x.125x1DRY GRANITE & PAVERS
Drywall Sander 120 grit disc
Drywall Sander 80 grit disc
Drywall Sander Backing Pad
Drywall Sander Dry Filter Bag
Ear Plugs
Electric Carpet Stapler: 9/16″ Staple
Electric Grinder 7″ Grinding Disc
Electric Mig Welder – Tips/Flux Core Wire/Steel Wire
Electric Stapler: 1/2″ Staples
Electric Stapler: 9/16″ Staples
Floor  Orbital Sander 40 grit
Floor  Orbital Sander 80 grit.
Floor  Orbital Sander-120 grit.
Floor  Orbital Sander-280 grit pad
Floor Drum Sander –   100 Grit
Floor Drum Sander –  80 Grit
Floor Drum Sander -36 Grit
Floor Drum Sander-20 Grit
Floor Drum Sander: 16 Grit
Floor Drum Sander:12 Grit
Floor Edger –    100 Grit
Floor Edger –   80 Grit
Floor Edger –  60 Grit
Floor Edger – 36 Grit
Floor Edger -20 Grit
Floor Egder/Orbital; Dust Bag
Floor Finishers – Wood Urathane Applicators
Floor Finishers – Wood: Stain [oil based]
Floor Finishers – Wood: Urathanes [oil based]
Floor Finishers – Wood: Urathanes [water based]
Floor Polisher –   Stripping Pads
Floor Polisher – Cleaning Pads
Floor Polisher – Polish  Pads
Floor Polisher sanding Disc-100 Grit
Floor Polisher Sanding Disc-36 Grit
Floor Polisher Sanding Disc-60 Grit
Floor Polisher Sandscreen-100 Grit
Floor Polisher:  Treewax Wood Cleaner
Floor Polisher: Treewax Non-Slip [Wax Rubber & Vinyl)
Floor Stripper/Scraper –    CARPET BLADES
Floor Stripper/Scraper –  VINYL BLADES
Floor Stripper/Scraper – TILE BLADES
Hardwood Floor Nailer: Manual 2″ Nails
Jig Saw Blades
Magnetic Drill: Cutting Fluid – Pint
Odor Eliminator 4oz. Recharge
Pipe Threader: Cutting Oil
Plasma Cutter: Electrodes
Plasma Cutter: O-rings
Plasma Cutter: Sheet Metal Shield Cups
Plasma Cutter: Shield Cups
Plasma Cutter: Tips
Power Hand-held Hacksaw: [Blades]
Pressure Treated Wood Transparent Stain
Riciprocating Saw: 12″ WOOD BLADES
Riciprocating Saw: 6″ METAL BLADES
Riciprocating Saw: 6″ WOOD BLADES
Riciprocating Saw: 9″ WOOD BLADES
Rug Extractor Cleaner: Castex FRESHENER
Rug Extractor Cleaner: ALL IN ONE CARPET CLEANER
Safety Glasses
Sand Blaster Hood & Helmet LENS
Sand Blaster Respirator LENS INNER
Sand Blaster Respirator LENS OUTER
Stapler Manual Slap Hammer: 3/8 Staples
Striping Machine: Paint
Unispotter Dent Puller Studs
Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bag
Vinyl Brite – 1 Gallon
Weed Trimmer: Cord